Romania is by far the largest country in the Balkans, so it's no surprise that it contains a diverse range of landscapes and cultures. Although it's not as uniformly mountainous as several other Balkan countries, the beautiful Carpathian mountains cut right through the heart of the country and are an important part of its identity. The province of Transylvania, north and west of these mountains, is historically not part of the Balkans at all.

Romania's mountains provide many opportunities for hiking, from short walks to serious treks. Popular hiking areas have well-marked trails and plenty of cabanas. The Bucegi Mountains and Prahova Valley, south of Braşov, are particularly accessible, but there are many other possibilities.


BUCHAREST,is capital of Romania with population 1.921 milion and is 6th largest city in the European Union by population within city limits.Its iconic landmark is the massive, communist-era Palatul Parlamentului government building erected in the 1980s. It has 1,100 rooms decorated with Romanian marble and is the second biggest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon. City was once called "The Little Paris," but many new buildings changed the city in to the mixture of styles.Similar to Paris it also has the Arch of Triumph. One of the most wisited places is Old center (Lipscani) The area has some of middle 19th century buildings, ruins of the Wallachian princes' medieval court, churches, bank headquarters, a few hotels, clubs, restaurants and shops. Narrow cobblestoned streets retain the names of the ancient guilds that resided on them. The area was mostly renovated and is now a place of gathering for the young generation of the city. In the city center is Revolution Square with a 25m high marble obelisk in memory of those who died during the revolution.
BLACK SEA,Romania's Black Sea Coast is a popular summer destination with modern resorts. It has warm climate, miles of sand beaches, ancient monuments and vineyards.
The most important resort is Mamaia with 8km long Mamamia beach, situated north of the city of Constanța on a narrow land slice that separates the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol.Other important resorts have names from Roman and Greek mythology, such as Eforie Nord, Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Olimp. Other resorts include Eforie Sud, 2 Mai, Cap Aurora.