What is Slow Travel?

With Slow Travel you experience a deeper type of travel by staying in one place longer and seeing the things that are close to you. It is an easier, simpler and slower way of traveling.

Spend one week in one place: Spend at least 5 days in one place on your trip to Europe. To do this, base your trip around one or more weekly stays in vacation rentals instead of hotels.
See what is near you:Think of your touring area as a series of concentric circles around your base. See what is close to you instead of dashing about on long day trips to see the "must-sees".
Staying in a vacation rental for a week lets you live like a local: shop at the local stores, go to the same cafe every morning, take the time to see the things that are near you. Learn more about how people live in other countries and come away from your trip rejuvenated and changed.

The Art of Slow Travel

Live in Private
Ever imaging to get rid off boring tour group? It’s time to change your travel style! Stay in exactly local apartment takes you an opportunity to experience typical European life style. Wake up with stunning water-view around, then deep breath while walking along lake shire brings absolutely relaxed.

Flexible Transport
Get tired of long-term coach trip ? Try something smarter! High speed railway,metro and public bus would help traveler move easily between rural and urban.

Slow Time
Whenever! Wherever!Whatever! It is your choice to figure out how to enjoy the trip. Remember, downshifting your steps would helps you to feel the silent wind.

Slow Life
Hey there, kitchen star!Looking around all the fresh material of food, you defiantly owns chance to shows up cooking skill to your travel partners. And yes, it is taste of home!

Slow Travel - Slow Europe
Slow Travel suits everyone. The couple who stays in a cottage on a farm to experience the countryside. The young family who rents a house because they need room for the kids to run around. The retirees who rent an apartment in a town to experience another culture. The single traveler who spends a week in an apartment in a city to see what it would be like to live there. Slow Travel suits the budget traveler who saves money by staying on a farm and not eating every meal in restaurants, the luxury traveler who rents a villa for 10 and hires a private chef, and everyone in between.

This section focuses on vacation rentals in Europe, but many of the same ideas apply to vacation rentals around the world. This type of travel has been popular for decades in Europe and is now making its way around the world.